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Nsolo Bush Camp


Nsolo Bush Camp is a seasonal safari camp located in the picturesque South Luangwa National Park.


Nsolo Bush Camp is situated on a bend in the Luwi Sand River that runs through the heart of Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, just three hours' walk from Luwi Bush Camp.

At Nsolo Bush Camp you don't usually have to search hard for your African safari experience. The wildlife frequents a waterhole in the dry river-bed in front of the camp and often your most exciting gameviewing is from the comfort of your own deck or from the central chitenje that houses the bar and small camp library.

Nsolo Bush Camp is one of the more historic camps in Zambia. It was sited by Norman Carr in 1987 and Shaddy, the Camp Manager and guide, has been studying the wildlife and conducting walking safaris from this camp for over 10 years.

As with Luwi Bush Camp, this is one of the South Luangwa's more remote, walking safari camps and there is only a limited network of roads in this area. As a result most of the gameviewing activities are centered on walking safaris although short night drives are usually offered as well.

The Luwi River system is renowned for its lion population. Various pride territories overlap in this area and the cats use the dry river bed as a thoroughfare and a means not only of locating their prey, who come to drink, but also of locating their rivals who must be warned away.

Nsolo Bush Camp is a true Zambia safari experience - big game viewing on foot and at its best.


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