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Zambia is the home of walking safaris and Norman Carr Safaris is the first company to have practiced them over 50 years ago.

Many people will ask, 'why go on a walking safari, when you are likely to see more wildlife from a vehicle?'. The best answer is simple enough ... 'go into the bush and see for yourself!'

When in a vehicle you naturally cover more ground and are indeed likely to see more animals but 'see them' is all you can do. As soon as you are on foot in the bush you become a part of it, you can hear, smell and feel the bush as well as see it.

To see a lion up close from a vehicle is a wonderful experience but to watch him watching you from 50 meters away, flicking his tail and darting for cover is a privilege. It's infinitely more exciting and a memory that will live with you forever.

Lion and elephant on walking safari

All walking safaris in Zambia are conducted with an armed game scout leading the way, followed by your professional safari guide. The idea of having two fully trained experts at the head of each walk was originally conceived by Norman Carr and we believe, to this day, that it is the safest way to conduct a walking safari. Zambia has an excellent safety record and it is essential as the aim of a walking safari is to track big game and to get guests up close and personal with the animals they have come to Africa to see.

Although young children are not allowed in the Park on foot (lower age limit of 12 years to walk), there is no upper age limit and one doesn't need a high level of fitness. Walking safaris are always conducted at a slow pace and usually last 3 to 4 hours.

One should remember that when on a walking safari, you will not spend your time exclusively on foot. We tailor all our safaris to meet the wishes of our guests and you will usually split your time between walking and driving.

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