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Norman Carr Safaris is the 'original Zambian safari company' and based in the South Luangwa National Park; home of the African walking safari.

The Luangwa Valley has long been regarded as one of Africa's finest wildlife reserves. Its unspoilt natural beauty and abundant game make it an ideal destination for an African safari holiday. The late Norman Carr started the first safari company here in 1950 and more than 50 years on, still leading the way in Zambian wildlife safaris.

Norman Carr lived in the Luangwa Valley for almost 60 years. He was instrumental in involving the community in conservation and anti-poaching measures in the South Luangwa National Park and is widely crediting with playing a crucial part in establishing the park as a conservation success story and one of Zambia's primary wilderness areas. Although he has passed on, his name and his work lives on in the Luangwa Valley.

Norman Carr Safaris have both walking safaris and traditional game driving safaris on offer for their guests. All of their expeditions are based around their camps in prime areas of the South Luangwa National Park.

Norman Carr Walking SafarisWALKING SAFARIS

Zambia is the home of walking safaris. Norman Carr Safaris, as the first company to have practiced such safaris over 50 years ago, is Zambia's original safari company. As soon as you are on foot in the bush you become a part of it. You can hear, smell and feel the bush as well as see it.


There are two elements essential to the enjoyment of any African birding safari. Plenty of birds and excellent guiding. In Zambia's South Luangwa National Park we are lucky enough to have birds aplenty and the guides at Norman Carr Safaris are among the best in Africa.


The greener months of January to March are an exciting time to be on safari in the South Luangwa. Norman Carr Safaris is the only Zambian safari operator to open a luxury bush camp at this time of year. Mchenja Bush Camp opens in mid January and closes again in early April.

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