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Zambia National Parks


There are 19 National Parks in Zambia and most are surrounded by what are known as Game Management Areas in which the wildlife and the natural resources are also protected by legislation.

The three largest rivers in Zambia each play host to important wildlife populations. As a result, areas along these rivers have been set aside over the past century and are now the most important National Parks in Zambia.

The Zambezi River flows down through the west of Zambia and then over the Victoria Falls. Soon afterwards its path is slowed by the Kariba Dam, creating Lake Kariba but after that the valley opens out and the river meanders across a wider flood plain. It is here, where it acts as the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, that we find the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The Kafue River is one of the Zambezi's primary tributaries, it flows down from north west Zambia through the middle of the country and joins the Zambezi just downstream from Kariba Dam. This river plays host to the Kafue National Park and is situated just west of the capital city, Lusaka. Kafue was once the largest National Park in Africa and is still Zambia's largest park.

The Zambezi's other major tributary is the Luangwa River. Flowing as it does from the north east corner of Zambia, this river is very unusual in all of Africa. For a river of this size to be virtually unaffected by man from start to finish is almost unheard. The fact that its flow is unhindered by dams and unpolluted by human habitation makes this an ideal place for wildlife to thrive, hence the establishment of the North Luangwa and South Luangwa National Parks - two of the finest National Parks in Zambia, if not in all of Africa.