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Scheduled Flights:

There are good international connections to Livingstone and Lusaka, and frequent scheduled flights between these two major gateways. Generally, however, travel to the game parks is undertaken by private or scheduled charter.

Charter Flights

A number of charter companies run regular flights from Lusaka and Livingstone to major destinations. Charter flights are the most viable means of getting to the main National Parks, such as Kafue, South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi. The frequency of such flights is dependent upon the season.



Road conditions are very variable, there are long distances to be covered and 4x4 transport is required for most areas. We do recommend this mode of travel in Zambia only for the very adventurous.


  • Zambia is well known as a destination that is off the beaten track, which is especially appealing to those who have seen and done it all before. But the rugged beauty and natural wilderness comes at a price - the roads are less developed and facilities more basic than elsewhere in Southern Africa.
  • It would be best to rely on flights and charter flights to get you to your destination, as other forms of travel are unreliable and easily affected by rainy conditions.
  • Travelling by train or bus is not recommended in Zambia.
  • It is highly advisable to drive a 4WD vehicle in National Parks, where dirt roads feature potholes and teeth-chattering corrugations. After heavy rains, all roads should be treated with care, as flash floods can cause wash-aways.

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