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Suyan Camp


Suyan Camp is a mobile tented camp situated in the Loliondo area of the Serengeti eco-system in northern Tanzania. The Serengeti eco-system is much larger than the Serengeti National Park itself and includes the game controlled areas bordering the National Park. The large Loliondo Game Controlled Area, bordering the Serengeti to the east, is known for its unspoilt Maasai culture, spectacular natural beauty and great variety of animals.

Suyan Camp operates in Loliondo through partnership agreements with Maasai villages. The Loliondo land offers unique freedom of movement: while the National Park rules do not allow activities such as night drives and walking safaris, these are all possible in Loliondo. Suyan Camp is fully dedicated to the beautiful Loliondo land, moving once a year between southern Loliondo and northern Loliondo, following patterns of rain and animal movement in the area.

Far from the madding crowd, Suyan Camp has only 6 guest tents, offers gourmet food, great wines, and all the comforts you can possibly expect. Yet a stay here is not about luxury. It is about discovery, exploration and nature in its overwhelming totality.

For thousands of years, the rugged Loliondo land has been the territory of nomadic tribes, hunting and herding for a living. A stay in the intimate Suyan Camp reflects the history of the land. Although the camp is the home base of a stay in the area, walking safaris and fly camping will take you deep into this wild and ancient land. Here you will find wildlife, mountains, gorges, volcanoes, Maasai settlements and the peace and tranquility of endless nature with not a human in sight.

Suyan Camp offers a menu of activities that is a dream to anyone wanting to discover Africa. Explore the land on foot with a walking safari led by an expert naturalist guide. Combine walking with fly camping and go off on multiple day treks to explore remote areas that very few tourists have ever visited before. Drive out at night to find animals that hide during the day. Visit remote Maasai settlements to experience how cultural tourism is meant to be. Enjoy breakfast or lunch overlooking endless plains or dinner under countless stars. Take your best shots in a country that is made for photography.

Combining Suyan Camp with Sayari Camp or Olakira Camp brings an unparalleled depth to an African safari in the greater Serengeti land.

Note: Suyan Camp only operates mid December to end of March each year. From 2011 the camp will be known as Piaya Mobile Camp.

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