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Selous Safari Camp


Selous Safari Camp, on the banks of Lake Nzerakera, is designed to blend in with the spectacular natural scenery in what is one of the most photogenic areas of the Selous Game Reserve.

The camp has the prime position at the centre of the unique riverine and lake complex, with the highest concentration of African wildlife and myriad birdlife. There are no fences and no artificial modifications to the natural fauna and so animals wander freely through the camp.

Each of the nine safari tents sits atop its own raised timber platform, affording guests an unmatched experience of the African bush. Much as guests are encouraged to become as one with the bush surroundings, full consideration has been given to comfort within the camp itself.

The spacious tents are luxuriously appointed, with en-suite bathrooms and open air hot-water showers. The camp has its own swimming pool, enabling guests to cool off in the heat of the day.

Our chefs prepare the finest cuisine from a well-supplied kitchen. Meals are complemented by a good selection of wines and there is a well-stocked bar.

While our guests find that game viewing and communing with nature can readily be achieved without moving from the camp itself, we offer full opportunities to get out into the bush to explore more of the Selous Game Reserve, its intriguing topography, its fascinating flora and its teeming wildlife.

Open four-wheeled drive vehicles, specially adapted for close-up game viewing, make for exhilarating early morning and evening forays into the surrounding bush. Expert safari guides are on hand to explain everything from unusual animal behaviour to rare and elusive species of birds and even the life cycle of termites.

A walking safari in Africa allows you to become an active participant, encouraging you to develop and utilise all of your senses, whilst you become at one with mother nature. An afternoon game drive from Selous Safari Camp brings you to the camp where everything is ready and set up. An overnight expedition with a qualified guide in our fly camp is as close to nature as you can get.

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