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Olakira Camp


Olakira Camp is a mobile tented camp that moves through the southern and central Serengeti, in areas of great wildlife concentration.

From December to March, Olakira Camp is in the southern Serengeti, or Ndutu area. Here are the famous Serengeti plains - endless grasslands where lion and cheetah find perfect hunting grounds. The December to March period is the magical time when the Great Migration takes over the Ndutu plains to give birth to the next generation.

Olakira Camp moves up to the central/northern Serengeti from June to November, where the concentration of animals is denser at this time. The central/northern Serengeti valley offers varied landscapes and a very high density of game year round. During these months, you can sneak up on the animals from above with a balloon flight over the Serengeti from Olakira Camp.

The Serengeti hosts the largest concentration of wildlife in the world, and is home to one of the great wonders in the world, the Great Migration. Over a million wildebeest and some 600,000 zebra move through the eco-system, with lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wild dog and crocodile making sure only the strongest survive. The sheer volume combined with the daily dramas of life and death make this an African safari experience that will be the star of the stories you tell years and years from now.

Olakira Camp is an intimate mobile tented camp of 6 guest tents and 2 common area tents. 'Olakira' means 'star' in Maasai and with its sister camp, Sayari Camp, on the Mara River, they cover the best areas of the vast Serengeti National Park. Whilst the mobile nature of Olakira Camp allows it to move to the densest concentrations of wildlife, it manages to surprise with its spaciousness and comfort. Large beds, wide private verandas, convenient bathroom facilities, a great lounge area and wonderful food served under the Serengeti stars ensure total well-being.

A stay in Olakira Camp is not about 5 star luxury though. It's about something more than that. Being in the middle of this wonderful spectacle, with wild animals roaming around camp at night, is a dream come true to even the most experienced of travelers.

With Sayari Camp in the northern Serengeti and Suyan Camp in the Loliondo area in the eastern part, the mobile Olakira Camp moves in the southern and central Serengeti area, following animal movement patterns. Together, these three camps offer unparalleled coverage of the Serengeti eco-system and offers an ideal African safari experience.

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