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Kusini Camp


Kusini Camp is a permanent tented camp situated in an exlusively remote region of the Serengeti, affording guests the rare opportunity for secluded game drives well away from the principle tourist circuit.

Perfectly sited in a cluster of kopjes, Kusini Camp is blended seamlessly into the delicate environment of the predator-rich plains of the Serengeti. The surrounding short grass plains provide the setting for the most spectacular natural phenomenon in the continent of Africa, the wildebeest migration, during which time the hordes amass around the camp for the birthing of their young.

The migration comes with its own retinue, and the predators - lion, leopard and cheetah - plus countless zebra, gazelle and other plains game add to a diverse eco-system that evolves around you during your stay. Kusini Camp's expert guides enhance your stay by sharing their knowledge and experience gleaned during a lifetime in the bush.

Secluded amongst the rocky outcrops of this private swathe of paradise, Kusini Camp's twelve tents feature ensuite bathrooms with showers and elevated terraces overlooking the Serengeti plains. Few properties pay homage to the surrounding environment with the same breathtaking effect as Kusini, effortlessly ensuring an exclusive proximity to the Africa that you have come to see, far from the crowds that might be expected to throng to so unique a destination.

Between definitive wildlife encounters and classic African adventures, you may gather for elegant candlelit meals and safari tales in the dining tent, have 'sundowner' cocktails or picturesque banquets atop a nearby kopje or spend contemplative hours in the intimate library lounge, taking stock of what you have seen.

Kusini Camp is your own Serengeti - exclusive in location, rich in experience, and luxurious in setting.

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