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Wolwedans Walking Trails


TokTokkie Trails, a separate concession on the NamibRand Nature Reserve and offers guided desert walking trails in the south-east of the reserve. The trail is two nights and can easily be integrated into a visit to Wolwedans (which then would make it a four-night stay).

The pace of the walking trails is leisurely and set to suit guests from 10 to 70 years of age. All you have to carry is your camera, binoculars, water and your lunch pack. Personal packs should not weigh more than 10kg. Keep camera equipment light; a telephoto lens for animals and birds, and a wide angle for scenery are recommended. Whilst walking there are no facilities to charge batteries for video cameras so be sure to have sufficient batteries available.

Wolwedans sunset on walking trail

Daily distances do not exceed 10 kilometers to ensure close-up viewing of the deserts intriguing flora and micro-fauna. Groups (which could also be exclusive) are limited to 8 in order to ensure personal attention.

Like bushmen did for centuries, you will be traversing the expansive sand and gravel plains interspersed by stretches of golden grass Savannah, dunes and majestic mountain ranges.

Two course dinners and drinks are served at the camp, so are picnic lunches in the shade of camel-thorn trees lining the dry river courses. Hot bucket-showers and comfortable, warm camp beds under a ceiling of stars provide a cosy retreat after a day's walk. Bathroom facilities comprise a long-drop toilet, bucket shower and a hand basin at the overnight camps. During the day toilet paper and matches are provided.

This close to nature experience obviously requires a certain degree of physical fitness but should not exclude the older generation as elderly nature lovers have successfully managed the trail.