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The Skeleton Coast Fly-In Safari will enable you to explore one of the most wild and desolate places on earth. Despite its remoteness the Skeleton Coast Park is stunningly beautiful.

Although several animal and plant species occur in this region, the prime purpose of this safari is to experience the freedom, beauty and strange solitude of the area.

This 4-day Namibia safari is a fly-in safari, starting at Windhoek's Eros Airport on a Wednesday no later than 10h00 and finishing back in Windhoek on a Saturday in the late afternoon. However once we arrive at the Skeleton Coast we spend all our time on the ground in vehicles and on walks.

Even though this is a quality safari, the terrain is harsh, rough and rugged. We will try and make this as comfortable as possible, but we have no way of hiding from the elements. Sometimes we can experience cold temperatures - and then 400m up the valley, we encounter hot desert winds.

Brief Itinerary:

Highly recommended: Extend your safari with a few nights at any of the following destinations: Damaraland, Kaokoland, Etosha or Swakopmund.