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Namibia Fly-in Safaris


A Namibia fly-in safari allow guests the opportunity to visit vast areas of the country in a relative short period of time.

Namibia is often called the land of the wide open spaces - it is spectacular from below and even more from above. A fly-in safari does not only make travelling an awesome experience, it also gives a lot more flexibility and much more time for activities.

Namibia is a vast country and it is difficult to visit the highlights by road in anything less than 2 weeks. A Nambia fly-in safari might seem expensive at first sight but if you consider that you can see as much in 8 days as you could see by road in 2 weeks then price becomes relative.

Why join a fly-in safari?

On a standard road safari, a lot of time is spent to travel from one destination to the other; on a fly-in safari guests will have a lot more time to take in the highlights of Namibia. A fly-in safari is the only way for guests to see some of Namibia's most remote regions. Most parts of the Skeleton Coast Park and the Diamond Restricted Area are almost completely closed to ground traffic making a Skeleton Coast safari the only way to view these unspoiled areas of Namibia.

What can I expect from a Namibia fly-in safari?

Other than reduced travel time, the standard of accommodation used on our Namibia fly-in safaris are generally at the upper end of the the quality scale. You will join the normal safari activities and excursions offered at the lodges and not miss out on anything.

Can a fly-in safari be tailormade?

Our speciality is to create custom Namibia fly-in safaris. We design itineraries to suit your budget, preferred standard of accommodation and any specific interests you may have. On the following pages we have sample itineraries which include the most popular destinations in Namibia - all itineraries can be customised.

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