Kenya / Mombasa
Kenya Safari


Mombasa is an eclectic port town, steeped in history and colourful traditions.

Situated on an island just off the mainland of Kenya and connected by a series of bridges and ferries, Mombasa is a commercial gateway, but its true heart lies in the heavily spice-scented Old Town. Here, a labyrinth of winding streets display beautiful Arab architecture and a bustling market place, which is lit up by the brightly coloured kikoys (traditional garments) of the locals.

Mombasa is home to many historical attractions, most notably Fort Jesus. This looming fortress overlooks the harbour and played a significant role in the battle between the Portuguese and the Shirazi Arabs.

Highlights of Mombasa

  • Many historical attractions
  • Enchanting Old Town
  • Bustling market place
  • Scenic hot air balloon safaris across the vast plains
  • Beautiful views of the harbour

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