Kenya / Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Kenya Safari


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy had its beginnings as a cattle farm. It was run by the Craig family, who valued the wildlife that shared the land with their cattle. In the mid 1980s, the poaching of rhino in Kenya had reached its zenith and the family, along with Mrs. Anna Merz, realised that the only way to preserve the species was to create a sanctuary - and so Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was born.

Today Lewa spans over 24 281 hectares (60 000 acres) of pristine wilderness and is home to black and white rhino, the elusive sitatunga (an aquatic antelope), the endangered Grevy's zebra, lion, leopard, elephant and a flourishing population of bird species.

Lewa also boasts two important archaeological sites - a one million year old hand-axe site and a pastoral cave.

Highlights of a Lewa Safari

  • Big Five nature reserve
  • Sanctuary for both black and white rhino
  • Excellent birding destination
  • Home to two interesting archaeological sites