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Scheduled Flights:

Nairobi is the main airport for international flights. From Nairobi local carriers connect to the major safari destinations in both National Parks and beach areas.

Shuttle & Charter Flights

There are very good internal scheduled charter flights that connect Nairobi with the majority of National Parks in Kenya, as well as with Tanzania and Zanzibar. For people with time restraints there are very good private charters that can be arranged throughout.



Road conditions are very variable, there are long distances to be covered and 4x4 transport is required for most areas. We do recommend this mode of travel in Kenya only for the very adventurous.

Guided Safaris

We use preferred partners, who can tailormake itineraries throughout Kenya.


  • Driving in Kenya is on the left, giving way to traffic on the right at intersections.
  • Kenyan roads are renowned for their many 'driving obstacles' and drivers are cautioned to be vigilant at all times. Most of the roads are eroded at the edges and often converge into a single lane. Hazards include pedestrians, animals (both domestic and wild) and the notorious matatus (Kenya's public transport vehicles).
  • Travelling by train or bus is not recommended in Kenya.
  • It is highly advisable to drive a 4WD vehicle in National Parks, where dirt roads feature potholes and teeth-chattering corrugations. After heavy rains, all roads should be treated with care, as flash floods can cause wash-aways.

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